How often are practices, and during what times?  
Generally, 2x a week and Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs but Pockets Instructional only practices once/week.
What equipment will I need to purchase for my child?  
For Pockets Gameplay and Tykers boys, we provide a helmet, gloves, shoulder pads, and elbow pads.  You would have to buy a stick, cup, and mouthpiece and after the Tykers age group (2nd and 3rd graders) you would have to buy equipment.  We would provide all goalie equipment.
For girls, you would have to provide a stick, eye protection, and mouthpiece.  We provide all goalie equipment.
How long does the season run?  
We start evaluations in January and indoor practice in early February.  The last game is in late April/early May for Rec.
What are the age divisions?  

Pockets are until 1st grade, Tykers 2nd/3rd, Lightning 4th/5th, Midgets 6th/7th, and Juniors 8th
Where are the games played?
Pocket Gameplay will play on a mutual Freedom field every week, Tykers play at Winfield Elementary or travels to other areas (generally not past 30 min) and Lightning, Midgets and Juniors all play at Krimgold Park as their home field.
Do you typically field more than one team at each age level? If so, how many?  
It all depends on registration, at Pockets and Tykers, yes we have multiple teams, Pockets Gameplay will all practice together generally, but will be on two seperate teams
Do you know who my coach will be? How are teams determined?
We generally know who the younger players coaches will be.  There are no tryouts for Pocket age group, we balance the teams for that age group.  All older age groups have evaluations and we try to place players with other players with the same skill level.  Coaches will vary on the results of evaluations.
Are there any clinics being held prior to the season that might help a first time player work on their skills?  
Various indoor arenas run clinics and we do various a speed and agility clinics starting in January